Reply To: Forum surfcasting trip to Kaikouria?


I personally believe that it is to early for the more exciting Summer fish. But I see little reason why reef fish would not be around in number. Blue cod should be a real possibility.

Personally, If the sea is flat north of kaikouria (0% chance) then it would be worthwhile fishing there. Otherwise south is fine with me.

South bay is often calm when the rest of the coast is rough. I been for a couple of dives their this winter and saw quite a few Moki and large butterfish.

I also went for a dive at goose bay and saw Moki and butterfish there also. In saying that I believe there would be good populations of both fish anywhere there is kelp along the kaikouria coastline.

The beach around Oaro is quite sandy and often sheltered.

Kekerengu is a exposed cold piece of coast. In summer it is suppose to be a good for large sharks but I do not believe it is overly productive during Winter.