Reply To: tackle talk


Firstly I have not caught any sharks. But have done quite a bit of research into this area.

The most popular spinning reels seem to be

Baitrunner 6500b
shimano big baitrunner

[b:3dvyyls2]Penn [/b:3dvyyls2] (Slightly cheaper then the Shimano Baitrunners)
Penn 850SSm
Penn 960SSm

Okuma Axeon 90

There are other reels around which would do a good job. The high end Shimano Stellas or Daiwa Saltiga reels would be excellent but they cost around the $1000 mark

With regards to line weight, 30-35lb seem to be a common suggestion. There are plenty of ‘popular’ brands out there. Just avoid the ‘very cheap stuff’ made in Malaysia or China. I am going to spool my reel with 38lb Pioneer Flexline. But there are lots of ‘brands’ to choice from.