Reply To: Snapper Fishing In the sounds?


I cant really compare the two.Ive caught snapper in both.My biggest came from Karaka pt in the Queen charlotte about 1km drive north from Waikawa bay.Now thats not right in there and I havnt caught millions of snapper but I can say that the inner Queen Charlotte and Mahau have produced more snapper from the shore than the Kenepuru and pelorus for me.

The Kenepuru is an awesome sound especially if you are holidaying up there I once stumbled across a good school of trevally up there and got a few out of it and that just made my day considering id never caught or heard of trevally up them ways before and there was no snapper that day.The thing is there doesnt seem to be a helluva variety of fish up there outside of snapper season and even when it is prime time Ive