Reply To: Snapper Fishing In the sounds?


I found the best time of the year to target snapper from the shore in the inner sounds was from January onwards.That was when they were starting to make an appearence in the real shallow parts of the mahau sound (havelock) and the inner reaches of the Queen Charlotte sound right upto the head (the Grove/Anakiwa area)

Same deal,shallow muddy bays that are rich in food and calm on the sh*ttiest of days.

On the Mahau side,Cullens pt and on the northern side of the Mahau,Shag pt and Kaiuma bay all produced quite alot of snapper earlier this year and no sh*t I saw a 12 pounder get taken out of 2 metres of water one night up them ways.

Fishing those parts does require timing though.Preferabally incoming through high tide maybe upto an hour or two after slack tide if its quite a high tide,3 metres is a big tide if I remember correctly.And high tide after dark also.I generally dont bother with these parts unless the high tides after 10pm.I mean being mid summer it doesnt get dark until half 9 and these