Reply To: Snapper Fishing In the sounds?


Once for the advice. Did a bit of fishing in Take in Bay at the gap when I was a kid with my parents. On one occassion we did get several powerful runs. Back then I mainly played on the beach, we found a stick insect there one night. I think we had rods out on both sides.

One place that I use to fish as a child is Boat Shed bay. There is a track which leads down to the beach. Although it is private. But you can also park on the side of the road and walk down through a grove of large mature trees (Pines and Gums I think). Caught a few fish there also.

We also did a bit of fishing around the Kenepuru Head. Quite a few DOC camp grounds in that area. Was quite unproductive if I remember quickly.

The above all happened maybe 10-15 years ago. Also my dad did very ‘basic’ rigs. I think he used a sinker on the end then did a couple of overhead knots to make loops where he attached two hooks. Although easy to do these knots do weaken the line by quite a bit.