Reply To: tackle talk


From what I have heard they are rather ‘average’. The crabs are not very popular.

They work well if you can give the bait a bit of action. Snapper and Blue Cod love them. I have a couple of rig designs in my head which might allow a SP to be fished in the surf.

Maybe a BOS, then have a long trace of around a meter (maybe with a float) and a unweighted softplastic rigged with a worm hook. Hopefully the wave actions and currents would allow the plastic to flutter around a bit. Hopefully would try it out this summer.

If I can get going tomorow. I am thinking of trying to use Gulp worms and I think corn on flounders in a local river. It might work. Would also set up a surf rod to catch Red COd with at the same time.

Any of the scented plastics are 100% illegal to use on trout or salmon.