Reply To: Latest Catches


I have used quite a bit of fluorocarbon for trout fishing and Soft plastics. There I find it had poor knot strength. From my reading there is quite a ‘variety’ of abrasion resistant between ‘Fluorocarbon brands’…. Just remember that not all are made equally.

I would personally choice a good copolymers over Fluorocarbon for most of my fishing. If there is a very ‘rough’ bottom then Fluorocarbon might be worth while.

In saying the above, my current ‘surfcasting’ leader materials are

18lb Sunline Kilwell QV- Mono
20lb Berkley Vanish – Fluorocarbon
80lb Black Magic Leader- Copolymer
250lb Sufix Superior*- Mono

They are all very nice. I believe a good quality ‘mono’ or copolymer is good. While a Fluorocarbon is expensive.

I do not believe the extra transparency of Flouro is a advantage.

* I brought the Sufix Superior for a different use but I was not happy with it for that use. So now I use it for heavy duty leaders for my shark rigs.