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I do quite a bit of Trout fishing.

Personally I would not get a licence just for the three remaining winter months. The trout are more interested in Spawning then feeding at this time of year.

By the start of the season they should have started to feed on Whitebait down near the sea.

It is possible to use light spinning equipment. I like to use 6lb line or braid.

It is possible to cast a fly on spinning gear. You really need to use Split shot to add weight or a clear plastic bubble. The book ‘Spin fishing for trout’ by tony orman is a good read.

Fishing with a Fly rod is excellent when you are good at it. You cast the line not the fly with the fly rod that is way it is so thick and large. With practice you can aciheve quite a bit. Although It is probably best to spend atleast your first season spin fishing.