Reply To: Buying a Surf Rod and Reel


I first have to find time.

Once summer starts it should be easier to get onto the beach. Surf casting is no fun in cold windy weather.

On the weekend if the weather is fine I normally head up river to target trout, or if the sea is calm go for a dive. In a couple more months I would be getting a Fishing Kayak which would reduce my surf-casting opportunities even more.

At this time of year the trout fishing is a bit slow so I must give it a go. The weather is looking good on Sunday so might head down to Kaikouria.

A few days ago I planned my ‘trout fishing’ yearly plan. Both October, November is prime small stream fishing time. But from December-March the trout have mostly moved back to the main rivers, although still good fishing there is less pressure. So hopefully I would find time for several dedicated surf casting missions this summer.