Reply To: Braided lines for surfcasting


hi there guys

Kiwi fishing bangkok here, and yes I am in Bangkok!

ok this braid bit, I have over the last few months used 50 lb powerpro braid on a pen powerstick with a Shimano Baitrunner 4500, now we have to throw some heavy baits here using a rice meal ball about the size of a softball, that is some weight!

that is also hard on the fingers! so I use three finger tips to hold the braid on the grip, this is better than the finger hook style as that will take slices off the fingers!!

ok now shock leader, the use of shock leader is a must, it is not just to do with the cast but also the strike, if you have a soft action rod then you wont have much problem, but with a hard action rod you can snap 50lb braid with a hard strike.
this stuff is great if used properly all the lure boys use it and it is amazing the distance that can be cast

if you invest in some “shock leader” then you will find the strech about 10 x more than standard mono, it is also great to stop the abrasion from fish and rocks ect.

the reason for shock leader is just that, the shock, this stuff cant handle the shock of being loaded fast, due to 0% streach it is a 100% loading, I have watched people snap line after line because of no shock leader, if you run about 1.2 meters it will be enough, but get some “shock leader” not just standard mono..

now if you need to grab a hold of braid then be VERY CAREFULL I just about cut 2 fingers off on a 100kg + fish, the only way to handle it under load is to grab a stick and wrap the line around the stick and pull the stick, a good 5 kg fish can cut you to the bone!!!

if you need to break the line because of a snag then load the line and then pull fast and hard, shock the stuff and it will break.

as for casting you wont beat the stuff, but I would say that you should look at spooling up with 80 lb, I know it sounds over the top but there are good