Reply To: Surfcasting at Kaikoura


Just got back from Kaikouria. I spent the afternoon diving around and scaring the fish. Just on dusk heaps of mokis appeared out of the weed.

Then after grabbing a feed (I was frozen and tired) I went down to the ‘new wharf’ (ok, I followed the sign which said new wharf and I got to a grotty old wharf…. with a single green light.

So I fished off that wharf and there were quite a few piper, garfish and other small bait fish on the surface. I think I saw a baracouta zoom past once. Fished there for a couple of hours and a couple of other people joined me. I was mainly using Size 2 hooks with small bits of Squid and snail for bait. I got half a dozen bites and landed 1 small perch. The others landed a small red cod. At about 8:30 I had enough and left.