Reply To: Best Surfcasting Rigs


Heres my attempt at a diagram of my fav rig for sharks.Im not to sure if this would be a popular rig or not but it is now the only one I use for sharks and other bottom dwellers and I have landed more fish surfcasting with this rig than any other.Its quite heavy and I use it for heaving out large baits.My theory is that by using a breakout sinker my mainline/shockleader stays firmly fixed to the area that the sinker landed while still allowing the trace and baits to roll around in the current and with a light drag set a good fish should be able to peel the line out without to much resistance from the sinker before it releases.

I use 35lb braid mainline,60lb mono shockleader,4-5oz breakout sinkers,15-24kg barrel swivels,150-200lb crimped wire trace and hooks 8/0 and up.

It works for me ;)