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“The Canterbury Mullet Championships”

We’ll call it that! Ok then, I’ll sort out some sort of trophy that can be the main one (names to be engraved etc that the winning individual will hold for one year or season) then buy 5 or smaller trophies (for the next 5 or so years out) that the winning individual can keep for however long they want it on their mantel piece.

Any forum members ONLY may enter, mullet must be caught in the Canterbury area.

Just woundering, should it run for each calendar year? Like 1st Jan 07 to Dec 31st 07 or should it be more from the beggining of the mullet fishing season August 1st through to July 31st the next year for e.g.?

Or any other input would be appreciated?

Hell yeah! If I caught a huge 2kg mullet I’d mount it! LOL.