Reply To: Surfcasting In Timaru


Does the shark fishing tend to taper off towards winter down them ways? I sort of found that the big sevengillers and greyboys seem to be at their peak around maybe November-late Febuary up here and about this time of year its usually little schoolies and spikys replacing them.I guess that sort of makes sense because alot of the goodsize sharks we got over the summer were heavy females that looked like they were ready to drop.The reason I ask is because Ive had a few people tell me that winter is the time for good sharks but im wondering if thats more for offshore species,y’know white pointers etc.I reckon you could near take any size shark on a surfcaster (EXCLUDING 5 metre Great Whites etc) lol, provided you have a good set up and arnt in to much of a hurry to land it.Pound for pound I reckon a good greyboy is by far a better fighter than a sevengiller of the same size.My weapon of choice is a 16 foot 15kg powerstick and tica GG100 cybernetic spooled with 300 yds of 35lb braid and 60lb shockleader.Its heavy and cumbersome but it does make light work of good fish.Im gonna spend this winter trying for rig and moki but I cant wait till the sharks come back.GOOD FUN! ;)