Reply To: Latest Catches


Good stuff with getting those mullet HEAD, and the salmon! I am still yet to find the mythical over 1kg mullet, I look forward to when I do.

I went to Timaru yesterday as I’ve heard good things so went for a fish.

The bait of choice was mussel! Mullet attracted one cod and 3 dogfish but that was it. The rest of my hook ups were on mussel. (1 cockabully on chicken heart! LOL).

The day seemed to start fairly slow arriving about 1 hour 30 min before high tide, I got a fairly good sized mullet to start on my sabiki. Some time went by and about 30 min after high tide I hooked into a small salmon would you believe, so yes they are there. Caught on the sabiki with a small piece of mussel on the hook. Inside the salmons stomach it had little silver fish about 6cm long, not sure what they were but yeah… maybe a small sliver jig might work at the harbour? Or a flasher type sabiki.

As evening approached and the sun starting going down thats when the cod started biting! Even though the tide was starting to be a fair way out the cod were still about. My first cod was my biggest for the day, got about 10 other cod but they were on the small side. I kept two more so 3 cod all up for the night. 3 or so of the cod I got were quite fat little things and very pinkish in colour, I could’ve taken them home and eaten them but after filliting etc thought I wont bother so put them back.

Nearly got a big crab to the top of the wharf at one point but it fell off.


The Salmon


First Red Cod


Small cod, put back


Fat little very pinkish cod, put back


Nice red cod here, kept this one


The evenings rewards. It an’t snapper or blue cod but it’s ok, got a nice plate full of fillets out of the cod.

Was quite fun at Timaru indeed and will be heading back at some point soon.