Reply To: Latest Catches



Also to note last night at Akaroa, there were some people that left about 10 minutes after we arrived and they got a moki! I was talking to a guy there who said a moki had been caught and I had assumed whoever caught it had allready left so didn’t ask much more about it, then found out they were there for a short period when we were there. I would’ve asked them more about it but oh well. But that’s pretty cool to hear!

Re the weather:

That funnel cloud was cool! First one Steve (friend who goes storm chasing with me) and I had seen. Was exciting!! Was a fairly small funnel in the end though. We got right underneath it but that funnel wasn’t out at that point.

I didn’t take that lighting photo on the 14th Feb 2004, I remember the night well though. I’m not sure if it was the particular bolt that hit the merry go round you mention, could’ve been but there’s no way to tell really…

I’ve taken better photo’s of lightning since, but want to redo that site sometime so haven’t put any new reports up. Here’s a link to some pics I took on the 5th Jan last year, 9th post down on this page: … c&start=20

Hopefully a few pics sometime this afternoon or this evening.