Reply To: Latest Catches


You’ve done better than me tonight HEAD.

Still, our night wasn’t too bad.

Got 6 or 7 dogfish, half of which were quite big. 70cm odd.

Also got 3 or 4 yellow eyed mullet, one of which was a fairly biggish one.

And got one nice clean red cod, and would you believe I was just trying to catch mullet on that little rod. I had it set up with a sabiki and tiny hooks with little pieces of mullet and kaiwhai for bait. Then wallop! Big cod bites! And managed to get the sucker in. On a little trout rod the cod put up a bit of a fight I’ll tell ya.

We got a few further good cod bites but no other hook ups.

Will put a few pics up tomorrow, they were’nt big huge fish (the mullet or the cod). But made the night fairly enjoyable.

Next we’ll try Timaru I think.