Reply To: napenape/gore bay



When I was a kid my family used to go camping at Nape nape all the time over the summer (having a father who was a school teacher meant that there was plenty of time in those days – in these times the world seems to have sped up so much that everyone works weekends and through the year with little time to stop and relax – but thats another whole topic!!)

As I remember it, large schools of kahawai were a regular occurrence up and down the beach in front of the old camping ground. At times the schools (which attracted large numbers of terns picking up the hapless baitfish from the water’s surface) would come in so close to shore you could literally step out into the fish in knee deep water.

There was also a small bay/cove on the other side of the white bluffs in the picture above, which you got to via a walking track which took about an hour or so to get to. There was great rock fishing over there and it was where my dad taught me spearfishing.

Oh, and there were 2 still slimy ponds near the beach which had the most enormous eels, and large numbers of frogs to catch.

Ahhhh….happy memories of that place. Its been about 15 years since I was last there, and I did hear that the campground had been closed. A shame really.