Reply To: Surfcasting In Timaru


Cool pics! You’ve certainly caught more of a variety of fish at the pier than I have. Just Kaiwhai, herrings and red cod for me. Haven’t ever got anything else, oh….and dogfish…..annoying things!

Hmm, might be time for a fish at the pier. lol. Wednesday could be ok with high tide at 4:05pm in the afternoon, however the northwester is going to pick up in the afternoon and be gusty which can be annoying when fishing there. Thursday at 5:01pm would be perfect with little wind, the northeasterly should stay away however I’ll be away that day so Friday I think fits the bill perfectly, will be a light to moderate northeasterly but nothing fresh and gusty. Should be good with the evening high tide around 5:55pm. The swell should be on the small side to which would be good.