Reply To: Surfcasting In Timaru


When we went fishing off the beach it was summer, sort’ve like xmas school holiday time (sometime within that 6 week period, atleast I think they get 6 weeks or is it longer?). Anyway……

Even though I’m 21 I only got my license in August last year so it is now time to explore! Would’n’t mind doing some surfcasting along the beaches south of Birdlings Flat. I used to fish off the Pier in New Brighton alot as I lived near by (don’t now). Would catch Kaiwhai and herrings mainly, I remember one night being there and the Kaiwhai must’ve been aplenty in the water. Strikes everytime your line went down! It wasn’t often like that. Seen a sole caught off there and a monkfish, just one elephant fish. Even though the red cod isn’t considered a prized fish it was good fun catching them, I remember one night in the dead of winter getting big tugs on the line. Heaps of fun. Quick quesiton, red cod are a fish mainly caught in winter right? Anyway, enough ramblings. :cool:

These warahou sound interesting, were they easy to catch? I’ve never caught one.



P.S. Went for a trout fish in the Waimak this evening, nothing unfortunately.