Reply To: Otago Fishing


Hey Mel :)

Thanks for the reply, It’s great to find out that surfcasting is possible and from your repot rewarding.

As yet I haven’t purchased any gear as I was still in the finding out stage, but thanks to your reply I am encouraged to begin the process of buying gear.

I have a couple more questions if thats Ok.

Do you regularly fish this way around Hampden?

Do you always or mostly manage to catch fish?

Are there other areas that you have tried?

And finally ([i:3o2110de]a big couple of questions huh[/i:3o2110de]) I am also thinking of setting up to do some fishing off the rocks at Moeraki Lighthouse, I understand that something like a salmon rod would be good for there, would a reel suitable for surfcasting (eggbeater style) also be suitable for fishing off the rocks?