Reply To: Homemade Lures


Hi Terry,

I have made all manner of homemade lures over the years. Recently I came up with a promising lure that has potential. The criteria are: it must be easy to make at home, inexpensive, durable, cast well, and actually catch fish. I’ll take some photographs and post them here soon.

Generally speaking you can’t buy the parts for lures very cost effectively in New Zealand. The population is small and therefore the market isn’t big enough to get the prices down – particularly for slow selling specialty items. A good example is a Colorado Blade Spinner for salmon. If you buy the blade, swivels, split-rings and hooks separately it costs about the same as a finished Colorado off the shelf! But the same applies to many other things as well. If you go to a bike shop and buy all the new parts to build a bike it will workout to be more expensive than buying a new bike off the shop floor!

Cheers – Yellowfin