Reply To: Surfcasting at Kaikoura



I just want to say good stuff for the awesome site!

Im a keen surfcaster and have only just discovered the choice beaches around the Kekerengu area and man I am yet to be dissapointed!

A couple of weeks back me and a buddy checked out this spot heading towards Kaikoura and mate not only did I catch my first sevengill shark,I landed 5 and my mate got 2 within about 3 hours! At one stage we even had a double hookup! I was up the beach a bit waiting to recover my mates sevengiller from the surf when I turned to see my rod bent like a staple and line peeling off! The old adrenalin kicks in when youve never caught sharks like these before, especially one after another!

All the sharks measured 5 to 7 feet in length and were all released quickly and wouldnt you believe it,it was the one day neither of us had the camera! :X