Reply To: Surfcasting at Kaikoura


yeah the red cod can be pretty prolific after dark and im no expert but im pretty sure they start to bugger off as it warms up,head for deeper water or something but we dont get em all year round up here.

I you find a mint bit of beach not too far from some rocks and kelp etc and park up for the night then some large blue moki .Apparently they move out of the kelp as it starts getting dark and come into the open where they feed in the shingle.

I have never caught one on a rod before but I have seen quite a few get takin along the coast north of kaikoura and they were big!

Large greyboys seem to come out when it darkens as well so I guess its just a matter of gettin a bait out there and persevere, who knows what might turn up in the dark!