Reply To: Surfcasting at Kaikoura


Depends if you plan on targeting a certain species like rig or moki then crayfish or crabs and shellfish baits are the way to go,mind you I have heard of them both being takin on old squid!

School sharks,seven gillers,skates,spiky dogs and kahawai are the usual catches around these areas from my experience anyway but some more common than others.The seven gill numbers seem quite thin compared to the rest but when you do hook one it makes all those hours sittin in the stinkin hot sun on the beach with no shade worth while!

For the above mentioned I dont really think bait is too much of an issue as long as its fresh and you can keep it away from the crabs

Targeting sharks I prefer to use quite big baits that are bloody and preferably with a bit of guts still in it like half a freshly caught kahawai or big mullet.

As for spikys,skates and red cod well I try not to catch them!

Anyways hope this helps out a little bit.