Reply To: Ryton Bay Development at Lake Coleridge

I must admit to being quite surprised when I read an article in the Christchurch Press about property developer Phillip Burmester’s plan to build a multi million dollar alpine fishing village at Ryton Bay, Lake Coleridge. This is about half way up the lake on the eastern side. The article quoted Burmester as saying that he thought sections in his development would start around $NZ195,000.
My first thought was, “Who the hell would buy these sections?” Ryton Bay is near the end of a “no exit” shingle road a very long way from anywhere! Lake Coleridge is invaded every year on the first Saturday in November by some 700 anglers who go there for the excellent trout and salmon fishing. This “High Country Opening” weekend is something of a tradition in Canterbury with some blokes having made the trip every year since the Second World War. I remember speaking to one old guy who could remember coming up when there were no trees at the Harper end. There are some very big trees there now! But, other than at Christmas, and a few weekend day trippers, the place is deserted