Reply To: Abu Revo Toro – are there any Weaknesses?

Allan Burgess

From Fishingmag on FB
Tom Peters: The Revo is without a doubt the best ABU reel I have ever used, and I had a large range of them. Some as old as 40+ years. The Revo has a much smoother drag and it casts like a dream.

Timothy Nicol I have a mate who owns a beast 50 and I own a beast 60 HS. Much much more rugged than it’s predecessors.

It’s hands down one of the best overhead reels I’ve owned… and I’ve got a lot (6500c3, 7000 + Shimano’s etc)! The 50 and 60’s are roughly the same size, the 60 just has a deeper spool which holds more line so wouldn’t go 50 size.

The HS retrieve makes it awesome in the surf but you can also use it in the gut and upriver if you want. It comes with 3 different handles as well.

The brakes and bearings are awesome. Highly recommend, Allan.
17 March 2017

Allan Burgess: I appreciate your comments, Tim. I assume you are using braid?

Timothy Nicol: On the beast, yes. With a leader.