Reply To: new season 15-16


yeah they are quite shallow but yes the snapper do come in surprising in very shallow water, I tend to find its better at dusk into darkness still though as I mostly find the snapper stay out a little further during daytime at beaches anyway. However I have got snapper during daytime off rocks in Kenepuru Sounds but again always found it better at night time still.

They do have a good range of fish up that way, still would love to hook and land a kingi but think I need to really target them properly off somewhere such as Boulder Bank with a livebait kahawai. I hooked a kingi off my kayak a couple years ago just out by fireshire rock (however its spelt) which is just out from Tahunanui beach or just off rocks rd there so they come in very close. Ive also heard of kingis getting hooked at back beach with just squid, its a nice relaxing place anyway.

Id like to mix up my catch more frequently so ive started using different baits alot more to increase my chances and see what they are feeding on, seems to change a bit depending on time of year as this year I got no snapper at all on squid (usually they seem to like squid) but this year they were only interested in pilchards and didnt catch a single one on squid. Prawns etc were doing the job for the rig and mussells got a few things too.