Reply To: new season 15-16


Logged back in for the first time in along time, figured id post something

Spent 2 weeks up in Nelson start of this year and did a fair bit of surfcasting managed to get a few Snapper and alot of rays (annoying), few rig and kahawai etc too. It wasnt really active but managed to enjoy myself up there, really great beaches for fishing. Came back to chch and went out to Birdlings with my old man and we hooked a couple large school sharks and a conger eel, all was returned. Went out friday night with my old man, brother and a mate out to black rock but real slow fishing. Hooked a nice 60cm kahawai early on with some prawn but after that we had nothing happening at all really, just a couple doggies so called it quits early morning. Was hoping to head out today for an afternoon fish for that easterly pretty much put that to bed, pretty rough conditions up the coast. Hopefully ill get out a bit more and post some more updates