Reply To: Awatere Surf Fishing Contest



Good job man,some nice fish there.

Lol I didnt realise how far away section 80 was goin to be but I wanted to be as close to seaview area as I could.I was directly opposite the river.The guy on the green mule gave me a ride back which was awesome.

Id say you are lucky you didnt pick a number up the north end.Although that fella that got the winning ray wasnt too far away from us,the sections between us didnt catch alot either,prob say 1 red cod.I was using my normal setups and trying different baits but nothin so who knows.

Anyway we still had a good day and I will definately be entering next year.haha ive already jacked up my partners old mans mule! I reckon transport is a must if you are fishing the far ends and plan on taking a bit of gear.I see the guys that got the stingrays drove there L200 ute to there section so the softer sand cant be that deep.

Did you take the sevengiller on the same baits as the rig mate?