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Nowadays over 70 per cent of our web traffic comes to us from mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. now has an AMP mobile version of the site up and running. You can read all the articles, study up on the best fishing spots, purchase fishing ebooks, subscribe to our fishing newsletter, upload pictures, watch our unique videos, and check-out the fishing forum, all from your mobile phone or tablet. 

If you are seeing the desktop version of the site, scroll to the menu at the bottom of any page and click Mobile. You’ll be taken to the Accelerated Mobile Pages version of the website or AMP for short. 

If you are already on the AMP mobile site you can switch over to the desktop site by clicking “View Non-AMP Version” in the footer at the bottom of any mobile page.

AMP is a Google initiative designed to make mobile pages load much faster. It does this by stripping as much unnecessary information from the page as possible. 

The simplified AMP mobile version will also run perfectly fine on a desktop computer as well.   

AMP logo
AMP logo

When you conduct a Google search on a mobile device, posts and pages that are AMP formatted for fast loading will have a small version of this logo on the left-hand side of the listing.

“Facebook Like” and “Facebook Comments” are working on the desktop and mobile version of the site. So, if you find an article interesting please give us a “like” and/or comment with Facebook. Many thanks for that!  

If you have an Android phone or tablet, or an Apple iPhone or iPad why not take a look.