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Shimano Catana 792 SP Line Weight 3-6kg Spin Fishing Rod

Shimano Catana 792 SP Line Weight 3-6kg Spin Fishing Rod

Shimano Catana 792

Perfect for casting 13.5g Tasmanian Devils

The Shimano Catana 792 is an excellent graphite two piece trout spin fishing rod with a medium to fast action.  It has a line rating printed on the rod of 3-6 kg. The lure weight range isn’t marked on the blank but would be about 7 – 18 grams. The standard size Tasmanian Devil weighs 13.5 grams, and the lightweight Tassie weighs 7 grams, making the Shimano Catana 792 an excellent trout spinning rod for lake or stream fishing.

The rod measures 2.37 meters (7 foot 8 inches) yet weighs just 137 grams (4.9 ounces). That is quite light even in this line class.

I’ve tested the Shimano Catana 792 and it casts a 13.5 gram Tasmanian Devil, mentioned above, a considerable distance out into a lake, or wide river, especially with a reel spooled with a small diameter braid.

The Shimano Catana 792, two-piece rod is very well finished.

I felt it was best suited to casting trout lures at the heavier end of its weight range. It could be used as a soft bait rod for fishing the Twizel Canals but is probably a little stiff for casting the lightest 1/12 oz and 16/ oz jig heads any real distance. I have tried it with a 1/16oz jighead/soft bait combo, which together weighs 4 grams, and it didn’t cast that far at all – though lighter line would offer some improvement.

A 1/6 oz jig head and 7.5 cm Drop Shot soft bait together weigh 7 grams. I found the Shimano Catana 792 casts lures that weight without too much trouble but anything lighter was a struggle. 

Shimano Catana 792 cork handle and graphite reel seat. I particularly like the extra length in the butt below the reel seat which makes two-handed casting and handling much easier.

At the other end of the scale, you might be able to push your luck and use it as a very light salmon fishing river rod, but hook a big salmon in fast water and you would be in big trouble stopping it. I had no trouble landing a 20 lb rainbow with it in the Twizel Canals.

The Catana 972 is a great light spin rod for kahawai

The Shimano Catana 792 really comes into its own with an angry kahawai on the line. This thing makes a kahawai feel like a kingfish. It is a real treat and tremendous fun to toss a lure with at river mouths. You’ll never want to go back to fishing for kahawai on heavier gear when you have had one on the Shimano Catana 792. Just tie on a 15-gram silver jig head and you’re in for a ball!

Shimano Catana 792 cork handle and graphite reel seat. I would have preferred to see the cork go all the way down instead of leaving a 65mm section without it. That is just a personal preference. It does not detract from the rod at all.

There has been no stinting on the guides. There is a total of nine single foot Hardloy guides plus the rod tip. Hardloy is a high-grade aluminium oxide which means the eyes are super slippery and good for both monofilament and braid.

The handles are cork and the up-locking reel seat is graphite. For some reason, Shimano decided not to run cork the full length of the handle. I can only assume that this was an economy measure to reduce the cost of production. I would have preferred to see the cork go all the way down instead of leaving a 65mm section without it. That is just a personal preference. I would also have liked to have seen a hook keeper bound onto the rod. But you can easily add one with a plastic zip tie and a small slip ring. Overall the finish and componentry are top notch.   

The Shimano Catana 792 is beautifully finished.

You’ll find the 7’9″,  3-6 kg line class, Shimano Catana 792, 2pce, spinning rod readily available in tackle stores throughout New Zealand. In the North Island, especially, it will be seen as a light snapper rod. But for me, it is a great little trout spinning rod. At almost 8 feet in length, it makes it possible to get that extra bit of casting distance with lightweight lures so handy when spin fishing around lake margins. It is affordably priced at about $100 making it very good value for money. The Catana 792 is a much better rod than its price would indicate.

It will suit any good spinning reel between 2000 and 4000 in size.

You can quickly add a hook keeper to any rod by using a plastic zip tie and a split-ring. A hook keeper is handy to fasten your lure to the rod temporarily when out fishing. I have used a bright yellow zip tie so it is easy to see. I would otherwise use a black one to match the rod. 

Shimano Catana 792 Specifications:

Line Class: 3 – 6kg.

Lure weights 7 – 18g.

Two section rod.

Line Guides: 9 x Hardloy and tip.

Blank Construction: Graphite.

Action: Medium/Fast.

Reel Seat: Graphite.

Overall weight: 137 grams.

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