Shimano Calcutta CTE700

Shimano Calcutta CTE700

Shimano Calcutta CTE700

Shimano Calcutta CTE700Salmon anglers in particular will love this reel. The Shimano Calcutta CTE700 holds 300 yards of 20 lb line making it ideal for salmon/surf fishing. When serious casting distance is required this is the salmon reel to have. There are also three smaller versions of this reel in the Shimano CTE line up.

The body of the reel is made with a one-piece forged aluminium frame. The gear ratio is 4.7:1 on the largest line capacity CTE700 model, shown here, and 5.0:1 on the three smaller models.

There are five bearings on the CTE400 and CTE700 and seven in the smaller CTE200 and CTE300. This makes them super smooth when you wind the handle.

A strong level wind lays your line evenly across the spool which is very much the standard thing these days for salmon fishing. The larger Calcutta TE 400 and 700 have the super smooth Dartanium drags systems for stopping even the heaviest salmon in

the gut or surf. Other features include anti-rust bearings, recessed reel foot, click (which salmon anglers never use, and an easy access side plate so you can fine tune the variable brake system which dampens the spool to prevent overruns which cause birdsnests!

As you would expect from Shimano the overall the build quality is excellent. These reels have a tight precise feel to them. Nothing flops around. They are more like a finely tuned watch. The Calcutta CTE700 is a delight to fish with and is highly recommended.

Line capacitys: CT700 hold 300 yards of 20 lb monofilament (salmon surf size), 5 bearings. The CTE400 holds 160 yards of 20 lb mono (upriver salmon fishing), 5 bearings. The smaller CTE300 120 yards of 20 lb mono (trout or light upriver salmon). It has 7 bearings. The smallest CTE200 holds 120 yards or 14 lb; or 230 yards of 8lb line, making it more of a trout sized reel. It also has 7 bearings for a super smooth wind.

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