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Shimano 20-40S

Shimano 20-40S

The TLD Star 20/40S is identical in most respects to the TSM SpeedMaster IV. The obvious difference being that the 20/40S has a slightly slower rate of retrieve at 5.2:1. According to Shimano this gives the 20/40S a little more cranking power but still provides good speed.

Both of these reels are idea for casting poppers and high speed jigging. The later technique was all the rage in New Zealand some 15 to 20 years ago but for some reason jig fishing is less popular than it was.

The Shimano 20/40S and the SpeedMaster IV both hold 330 yards of 30 lb line. This is about the minimum required to hold and play a good sized yellowtail kingfish. These are true star drag casting reels with a clutch system that allows the spool to to­tally disengage from the drag. There is a small knob on the end plate that you can turn to control the cast. This causes a very light drag to be applied to the spool to pre­vent over-runs and their re­sulting bird’s nests!

The Shimano 20/40S is a good all-purpose boat reel for use in inshore waters. As I said earlier it is good for casting poppers and jigs, but is also a good handy size for snapper and general bottom fishing for most species, as well as trolling for kahawai and so on. If you could only afford one boat reel the Shimano 20/40S would be an excellent choice.

The frame is made from one-piece titanium which is light weight and tremendously strong. Overall the reel weighs just 500 grams. Other features include stainless steel pinion and main gears. The spool is aluminium.

You could use this reel with one of the super lines such as Spectra. Personally I wouldn’t because I don’t like casting the stuff. These non-stretch lines have taken over bottom fishing for most anglers even in shallow inshore waters. Their advantages are such that you can’t go past them for bottom fishing.

For some reason this model was named the Triton Graphite TLD Star 20/40S prior to 1996. After 1996 the graphic was changed to TLD Star 20/40S.

Line capacity for the TSM-4 is 20/480, 25/390, 30/330. Gear ratio 5.2:1 Weight 500 grams.

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