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Dragon V-Lures Drop Shot – Soft-Plastic Minnows

Dragon V-Lures Drop Shot softbaits.

Dragon V-Lures Drop Shot

I really like these Dragon V-Lures Drop Shot Minnows in size 7.5cm. They feel very soft to touch and wriggle through the water with a very fish-like swimming action. I guess the soft feel will equate to them being easily damaged by fish. But if they are readily hit by fish then who cares! They have that perl iridescence colour, that together with their life-like eyes, makes them seem almost real both visually and to the touch. Go in to a good tackle store and take a look. You’ll be amazed.

Dragon V-Lures Drop Shot Minnows come in six different colours. I reckon the D-015 coloured version, pictured above, looks very much like a smelt (also called a silvery in Canterbury). These soft baits are dynamite on lake, river, and canals trout and salmon. I’m sure they wuld work equally well on sea-run brown trout at Canterbury river mouths. I certainly intend giving them a go.

Some of the guys I have spoken to believe the D-019 coloued version (not pictured here) looks more like a silvery but I’m not so sure. It’s body colour is more like white with silver on the top. It is probably closer to being a whitebait. Whereas silveries have a little bit of green on their upper back – which is why a Hopes Silvery has a peacock herl topping.

These Dragon V-lures are un-scented. The don’t need to be kept coated with attractant re-charge oil. All 7.5cm.
Smelt or silvery. What do you think? These look very similar to me. They are also about the same size. Should be good for sea-run brown trout.

There are 20 lures in each packet. That works out at about $NZ1.00 each. Unfortunately you cannot buy a mixture of lures in the same packet. It does work out quite good value for money compared with some others. It is always a good idea to carry a good selection of soft-baits if you can.

Since writing this piece I have tried these lures several times and they are excellent fish takers.

Dragon V-Lures available at The Complete Angler, Christchurch.

Video below: F&G – Soft Baiting Tips with Ian Hadland.  New Zealand Fish & Game 

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