Pacific Pomfret – Brama japonica

Pacific Pomfret - Brama japonica - featured

Pacific Pomfret – Brama japonica

Pacific Pomfret - Brama japonica
Pacific Pomfret – Brama japonica.

This unusual fish was caught by Mark Slade while fishing out of Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. According to Captain Colin Kerr of Discount Fishing Supplies in Gisborne the fish is a Pacific Pomfret – Brama japonica.

“Normally caught in New Zealand waters outside the continental shelf, as the fish is on a bit of angle (bottom picture), it is a bit hard to tell exactly which one, but it most resembles the Pacific Pomfret. They are caught on sanma or squid and are good eating if they don’t have the worm in them. Found usually in the top 100 meters of water and range in water temps from 16deg to as high as 24deg, a very adaptable fish, broadbill and southern tuna are quite fond of them.”

This fish sure stumped us. I had never heard of a Pacific Pomfret before. Thanks to Mark Slade for sending in the pictures, and to Captain Colin Kerr for his identification.

It might also be a Rays Bream Brama brama. Which is also a member of the Pomfret family. Allan Burgess

Pacific Pomfret - Brama japonica - second picture.
Pacific Pomfret – Brama japonica – second picture.
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