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Mustad EZ Baiter Fish Hooks – Often called Power Baiter hooks

Mustad E-Z Baiter 39975 hook

Mustad EZ Baiter Hooks 

There are three different versions of the Mustad EZ Baiter 3997 series auto baiter long line hook; these being the 39975, 39976, and 39977. Each looks very similar with only slight differences in the size of the bend in the hook, and the barb points in different directions. The points are curved in and kirbed. 

Often called Power Baiter hooks they are designed for use with an electrically powered machine used on commercial longline vessels that can bait up to three hooks per second. Baitfish are fed into one end and the machine cuts them to a pre-set size, baits the hook, and then sets the hook and line over the side of the boat.

They are electroplated with tin using Mustad’s Duratin process for long life in saltwater. Available in 10/0, 11/0, 12/0, 13/0, 14/0 sizes.

Here is a good groper rig that is easy to make and prevents your baits coming off the hooks too easily which is a pain when fishing deep water. Try using a Tainawa longline fish hook as a keeper hook. This rig has proven very successful in the past. The big hooks are Powerbaiters size 9/0 I think.

Mustad EZ Baiter hooks also work very well when used by recreational anglers fishing for most bottom species like groper, bass, ling, trumpeter, cod, shark and so on.

Recreational anglers must tie the trace correctly to the hook so the line always exits the eye on the barb side. Otherwise, the hook will not self-set properly in the fish’s mouth. These hooks are self-setting and almost always hook the fish in the corner of the mouth as it attempts to swim away with the bait. You can also use a tube knot with these hooks

Note the line is exciting from the correct side of the hook eye of this deep water groper rig complete with a fluorescent tube over the dropper. This is a typical recreational use of Mustad E-Z Baiter hooks.

You can get Mustad EZ Baiter circle hooks from leading fishing tackle retailers. Excellent for use with any type of deep sea fishing where you are not likely to feel the first tug at your bait by a fish far beneath the boat.

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