Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess

Want to improve your spin fishing for trout?

Learn how to catch more fish?

Discover the best trout lures to use?

Learn the secrets of trout trolling?

Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess. PDF version ISBN 978-0-9582933-3-4

Many will have tried spin fishing and trout trolling over the years with mixed results. Some of you will have even made thousands of casts without catching a single trout! It can be a frustrating business. Especially when your fishing buddy seems to catch trout effortlessly every time he goes out!

I was always amazed at some of the guys I first went fishing with in a fishing club many years ago. I just couldn’t understand why they were always so annoyingly lucky when it came to catching trout. The most incredible thing was that they were consistent. Consistent that is at catching fish when others didn’t. They were part of the elite 10 percent of trout anglers who catch 90 percent of the fish! Their secret was simple; knowledge and experience.

Their success, rather than being random, was the result of past experiences, including much trial and error – with the errors eliminated! Interestingly much of their fishing knowledge was handed down to them from an early age during countless fishing trips with dad and granddad. They know from experience that they can expect to catch fish at a particular lake, at a certain time of year, with this type of fishing tackle, at a certain time of day! That’s great for them. But what about the rest of us who missed out on great early learning passed down from expert anglers.

Why Spin Fishing and Trolling together in the same book. As I see it the two are very closely related. In both instances you are attempting to put the same lures in front of a hungry trout or landlocked salmon. With spinning you are using the reel to move the spinner through the water, whereas trolling anglers are making the boat do the work. Spin fishing, or threadlining as it used to be called, is a great way to start out trout fishing. The tackle required is inexpensive and most can learn to use it with just a few minutes instruction. All you need is a rod, reel, line and a few spinners and you are ready to catch fish! In this book we will boost your chances, whether you are after your first trout, or just want to improve your, not so good, catch rate!

A misconception is that trolling is easy. That it only involves towing a few lures around on a lake until you catch a fish. If you think that your catch rate per hour of trolling is likely to be very poor. You will just be wasting gas! In this book we’ll show you how to do far better than that! Successful trout trolling on a lake is not just luck. You have to know where you can expect to find fish in a particular lake at certain times of the year; the best trolling speed; fishing depth, methods, and so on. We’ll show you how!

Trout Spinning and Trolling Lures – There are an enormous number of different trout spinners available in tackle stores. They come in a mystifying range of colours, shapes, and sizes. How do you know where to start!

Learn about 40 popular trout lures – each with a colour photograph – and rated so you’ll know the best ones to buy!

Star Rating – I have divided the different lures into sub headings based loosely on type. As a guide I have also decided to rate each lure. The best will have five stars. Five stars mean I wouldn’t be without one in my tackle box. These are the lures I like to use most often. I have had success with them in the past. However, I stress that the star rating is my opinion only.

Many anglers will likely disagree with me! If you aren’t sure which trout spinning lures will suit your style of fishing then a selection based on my star rating will certainly start you off in the right direction. Five stars mean the lure is highly recommended and can be used for many different fishing styles. Four stars mean it is an excellent lure but specialised. Three stars mean still a good lure but quite specialised. Two stars mean not generally available, much specialised, or too expensive for general use, or I just don’t like it much. In total there are colour pictures, descriptions, advice and ratings, covering 40 different trout spinning and trolling lures. You want n0-nonsense advice on which are the best lures to buy; we give you that advice!

The author has gathered together decades of trout spinning and trolling knowledge and released it now in this first ever 156 page edition of Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess No matter where in the world you fish for trout Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout will guide you in the right direction to become one of the ten percent of anglers who catch 90 percent of the fish!

Order you own .pdf version now for just NZ$9.95 – instant download This extremely detailed ebook is in pdf format, which means you can be reading it within just a few minutes on your computer, or print it out so you can read it in your favorite arm chair, and start improving your spin fishing and trolling knowledge and learn how to catch more fish RIGHT NOW!

Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout is arranged in 14 information crammed chapters. You’ll get the author’s lifetime of trout fishing experience in incredible detail as he gives the inside low-down on:

• Spin Fishing Tackle • Trout Lures • Landing Nets • Trolling for Trout & Salmon • Downriggers for Trolling • Downrigger Operation • Spinning and Trolling Lures • Plugs and Minnows • Spoons • Ticers and Slices • Aquafoils • Blade Spinners • Spinning for Searun Trout • Soft Plastic Lures for Trout

About The Author Allan Burgess was the founder and editor of Southern Fishing and Boating magazine which he ran for 11 years. He was also a founding member of the Canterbury Sport Fishing Club in the late 80s and its first newsletter editor.

He has had numerous articles published in fishing magazines. Then in 1999 he founded this website www.Fishingmag.co.nz For over 30 years Allan Burgess has fished for trout and landlocked Chinook salmon in many Canterbury, Otago, and Westland lakes and rivers, caught the odd big salmon in his home waters along Canterbury’s east coast, trolled for Southern blue fin tuna off Fiordland, hunted big sharks off Canterbury and Otago, kingfish and snapper in the Marlborough Sounds, and been surfcasting all around New Zealand’s South Island.

In this 156 page book, Allan Burgess has combined his immense fishing and surfcasting experience with his ability to explain things simply and clearly in words and pictures.

There are over 165 photographs in Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout, most of which have never been published before. The book contains approximately 40,000 words and has taken almost two years to produce!

Order you own .pdf version now for just NZ$9.95 – instant download

Here is just a fraction of what’s inside…

• Trout Tackle – Rods and reels, Light and heavy gear, Trout fishing rigs, Split-shot rigs, Spin fishing on lakes and rivers, and avoiding lost lures.

• Trolling for Trout – Flat Lines, Tie on a Weight, Harling for Trout, Lead Core Lines, Shallow water trolling. Trolling from a row boat. Harling rigs.

• Downriggers for Deep Trolling – Why use downriggers, which are the best downriggers for your boat and style of fishing, trolling motors, best speed to troll, setting cannonball depth. What to do if the cannonball hits the bottom. How to use a downrigger effectively to catch more fish!

• Finding Trout and Landlocked Salmon when spinning from shore or trolling on lakes – Where are those trout hiding? Epilimnion, hypolimnion, and the thermocline? What are they and how do they help you catch fish?

• Plugs and Minnows – There are heaps of these on the market. How do they work? We’ll show you how to use them, whcih ones to get, and most importantly how to use them with out loosing them. I’ll even tell you which one I reakon is the absolute best one of all!

• Tasmanian Devils, Cobras, Super Kobras, Mepps blade spinners, Zed spinners, Daffys, Tylos, Tobys, Glimmys, Halco Wobblers, Ticers, and heaps of others all reviewed and given a star ratings to help you choose the best lures to catch trout now!

• Soft Plastic Spin Fishing Lures for Trout and Salmon – Are they any good? Do they work? Which are the best ones to use for trout fishing?

This 156 page book is NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES Available in pdf format for instant download. You can be reading this lavishly illustrated 156 page ebook within minutes after payment through Paypal our 100% secure online credit card processor. If you aren’t totally satisfied with Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess you can request a 100% full money back refund. So there is really no reason not to be reading this exciting new ebook today. If you aren’t completely happy, then we don’t want your money. Simply contact us anytime within 30 days and we’ll refund all of your money! We can’t be more fair than that? This book is NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES

Free Bonus Ebook 4×4 Motor Bikes & Sport Utility Vehicles for Fishing

Plus, for a limited time we’ll give you a free copy of 4×4 Motor Bikes & Sport Utility Vehicles for Fishing. This is also a totally exclusive title that is not available anywhere else in the world! It is not sold separately. You can only get it here.

Welcome to the first edition of 4×4 Motor Bikes And Sport Utility Vehicles For Fishing. This book is aimed at those who already own, or are considering owning, a 4×4 of some kind to get them to their favorite fishing water.

I have owned numerous 4x4s over the past twenty years or so. Some have been better than others. You can’t beat a four-wheeler-motorbike if, as I do, you live in Canterbury and chase the quinnat salmon that flood into the South Island’s east coast rivers for roughly five months each year – along with the big sea-run brown trout in the spring.

Most of Canterbury’s beaches are made up of loose shingle and you just can’t beat these little four wheeler motor bikes with their soft balloon tires for getting quickly over the stones. I’m not saying that it is impossible to get one of these machines stuck. It is just that I have seen hundreds of them in use and have never once seen one of them get stuck at the beach – ever! I’m often asked which is the best 4×4 bike or SUV to buy.

Just as importantly you have to ask yourself what you will use it for most often. If you are mostly interested in surfcasting and salmon fishing a four-wheeler-motorbike is more useful and much less expensive than a big heavy gas guzzling SUV.

On the other hand if you are wanting to tow a twenty foot trailer boat and launch it in out-of-the-way places where there are often no concrete boat ramps it is hard to beat a big Nissan Safari or a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Nowadays with the cost of diesel and petrol rising all the time fishing is becoming an expensive sport if you have a long way to travel. Many of us have had to adjust our mind-set to look at cheaper options rather than travelling 200 km for a single day’s fishing. Staying longer and car sharing with fishing mates are also good options to consider. SUV makers have also seen the light and are now making a wide range of smaller and lighter vehicles which use less fuel.

Vehicles like Suzuki Vitara and Toyota RAV are good options for light off-road work without excessive and costly full usage. Finally,  4x4s are good fun and make a day at the beach or river more enjoyable by allowing us to carry a few extra items that we would otherwise have to leave at home or back at the car should walking be our only option. The vehicles mentioned in this book are by no means necessarily the best or the only ones you should consider. It is just that I have had personal experience with them.

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Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess is available for immediate download, use the link below and you will get instant access plus our bonus ebook 4×4 Motor Bikes & Sport Utility Vehicles for Fishing for just NZ$9.95 Introductory Price NZ$9.95

Order you own .pdf version now for just NZ$9.95 – instant download Yes, you get immediate access even if it’s 3:00 A.M. Please note – you are buying an ebook which enables you to gain instant access to the information without having to wait for delivery or pay shipping and handling costs – we do not ship a physical book, you can easily print the books out on your own printer at your convenience.

Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess comes as a high resolution pdf file with over 165 colour pictures and 156 pages. The pdf is contained within a zip file and is just over 9.5mb in size. It takes just a minute or two to download (however times will vary depending on your internet connection).

You Can’t Lose With Our 100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! Because we’re so confident you’re going to love Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess,  we offer our ironclad, 100%, you-can’t-lose money back guarantee.

Order Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess right now, read it cover to cover, if you aren’t completely satisfied, then we don’t want your money. Simply contact us anytime within 30 days and we’ll refund all of your money! What could be more fair than that? P.S. Remember, the risk is entirely on me. Read Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess for 30 days and if you aren’t satisfied, for any reason, just ask for a prompt, full refund.

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Download Trolling & Spin Fishing for Trout by Allan Burgess and you can be reading it on your computer in just a few minutes. You can also print out the pages with Adobe Reader to read later at your leisure. Plus download your free bonus of 4×4 Motor Bikes & Sport Utility Vehicles for Fishing NZ$9.95

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