Waitaki River

Waitaki River Salmon Fishing Contest Winning fish weights since 1984

Waitaki River Salmon Weights During the 1990s I spent a good deal of time salmon fishing the lower Waitaki River,…


Waitaki River Salmon Fishing – Time of the Monster Salmon

Waitaki River Salmon Fishing The Waitaki River is regarded by salmon anglers as "big water." The mighty Waitaki frequently carries…


Waitaki River fishing competition held in 1884

Waitaki River Fishing Competition The first recorded fishing competition on the Waitaki river was organised by the Waitaki Branch of…


Salmon Fishing in the Waitaki River – Hydro schemes in the head waters control river flow

Waitaki River Salmon The Waitaki River straddles the boundary between North Otago and South Canterbury. Anglers who otherwise fish for…


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