Trout Spinners

Trout lures also called spinners or crank baits, used for trout and salmon fishing in New Zealand. This includes bibbed minnows (used mostly for trolling), Aquafoils like Tasmanian Devils, along with various metal spoons such as small Zed spinners, ticers, and blade spinners. Softbaits have their own category.

Tasmanian Devil Trout Spin Fishing Lure or Aquafoil – rigging tips on video

Tasmanian Devil Trout Spin Lure - the most popular with anglers and trout The Tasmanian Devil is a very popular…


Toby – brass spoon spin fishing lure originally designed in Sweden by ABU

Toby Brass Spoons - excellent trout spinning lure Reviewed by Allan Burgess The Toby is the world's most efficient all-round…


Glimmy Brass Spoon Trout Spinner – An Oldie Very Effective Fish Taker

Glimmy Brass Spoon by Allan Burgess This brass spoon was known originally as a Glimmy, or Record Little Glimmy was…


Tillins Cobra Lures – Tillins Deadly Cobras by Dick Marquand

Tillins' Cobra is a favourite New Zealand trout lure especially for trolling on lakes Tillins have manufactured Cobras in Tasmania,…


Mepps Black Fury – Trout Blade Spinner

Mepps Black Fury Many Kiwi anglers refer to a trout lure as a spinner even if it doesn't actually spin.…


Devon Minnows – Old Brass Trout Spinners

Many anglers didn't like Devons because they caused line twist Although it's popularity has declined somewhat in the last twenty years,…


Rapala Fat Rap Shallow Running Bibbed Minnow designed shallow water

Rapala Fat Rap Shallow Running bibbed Minnow Now discontinued, the Rapala Fat Rap SFR-5, weighed 8 gms. It has a…


Rapala Shad Rap Deep Runner – excellent lake trolling trout lure

Rapala Shad Rap Rapala Shad Rap with Allan Burgess This little 8cm Rapala (which includes the length of the bib)…


Sprig Flies and Teasers – also called dressed hooks

Sprig Flies and Teasers The effectiveness of Cobra lures can be enhanced by replacing the hooks supplied with the lure…


Rublex Flopy and Plucky – Natural rubber bibbed minnows – 1950s and 60s

Rublex Flopy and Plucky The Plucky was a popular casting lure sold in New Zealand from the early 1950s until…


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