The hand painted soft rubber Plucky.
Rublex Flopy and Plucky – Natural rubber bibbed minnows – 1950s and 60s

Rublex Flopy and Plucky The Plucky was a popular casting lure sold in New Zealand.

Joho or Sally Spoon. Black is by far the biggest seller!
Joho or Sally brass spoon trout fishing lure

Joho or Sally Spoon The Joho is a typical brass spoon lure with a slightly.

Super Special or "Sneakie."Note this Special has been rigged with a size 10 swivel and split ring. The body of the lure is 50mm in length making it only slightly longer than the small treble hook.
Johnson’s Super Special – Trout spin fishing lure

Johnson’s Super Special The Johnson Super Special is made by the same Australian firm that.

This rainbow trout has taken a No.10 Super Kobra.
Super Kobra Aqua Foil by Johnson’s – Trout trolling and spinning lure

Super Kobra – Made in Australia by Johnson’s with Allan Burgess Like the Tasmanian Devil.

RTB Legend
RTB Legend Lure – Bibbed minnow for trout trolling and spinning

RTB Legend Lure Available in Minnow 5 cms which is shallow runner down to about.

Fingerling Crankbait
Fingerling Hi-Catch from Canada – Excellent trout trolling lure

Fingerling Hi-Catch – Bibbed Minnow by Allan Burgess Here’s an interesting trout lure. It’s the.