Joho or Sally Spoon. Black is by far the biggest seller!
Joho or Sally brass spoon trout fishing lure

Joho or Sally Spoon The Joho is a typical brass spoon lure with a slightly.

Super Special or "Sneakie."Note this Special has been rigged with a size 10 swivel and split ring. The body of the lure is 50mm in length making it only slightly longer than the small treble hook.
Johnson’s Super Special – Trout spin fishing lure

Johnson’s Super Special The Johnson Super Special is made by the same Australian firm that.

This rainbow trout has taken a No.10 Super Kobra.
Super Kobra Aqua Foil by Johnson’s – Trout trolling and spinning lure

Super Kobra – Made in Australia by Johnson’s with Allan Burgess Like the Tasmanian Devil.

RTB Legend
RTB Legend Lure – Bibbed minnow for trout trolling and spinning

RTB Legend Lure Available in Minnow 5 cms which is shallow runner down to about.

Fingerling Crankbait
Fingerling Hi-Catch from Canada – Excellent trout trolling lure

Fingerling Hi-Catch – Bibbed Minnow by Allan Burgess Here’s an interesting trout lure. It’s the.