Condition factor thumb.
Condition Factor of Trout and Salmon – What is it and how to calculate it?

Trout Condition Factor By Dick Marquand Trout anglers and those involved with the management of our.

During the late winter months, the Lochy River mouth provides some spectacular fly fishing for rainbow trout.
Lake Wakatipu – Fly Fishing Lochy, Von, Greenstone, Dart River Mouths

Lake Wakatipu – Fly Fishing the Lochy, Von, Greenstone and Dart River Mouths by Dick Marquand.

Backwaters and Backwater Angling with Tom Frazer
Backwaters – West Coast Spring Creeks to Canterbury Braided Rivers

Backwaters and Backwater Angling with Tom Frazer Backwaters are formed by changes in a river’s.

The fish went half way down the concrete culvert. Small stream fishing.
Small Stream Fishing – A Canterbury Day to Remember

Small Stream Fishing – Down the Culvert by Piscator The day was mid-week, a Wednesday..

Ponds with Monty Wright
Ponds – Fishing Challenging Small Waters in the Otago Lakes District

Pondering Ponds with Monty Wright In most of my articles I generally tell anglers exactly.

Float Tube Fishing. Enjoy your fishing (Lake Aniwhenua, in New Zealand's North Island.
Float tube – Guide to Armchair Flyfishing by John Taunton-Clark

Float Tube – Guide to Armchair Flyfishing They come in a variety of colours and.

Float tubing is quite safe provided you follow a few simply rules.
Float Tubes for Trout Fishing – provide access to overgrown lake margins

Float Tubes for Trout Fishing  by Ian Forsyth Float tubes have been used with success.

Look for areas where the trout can dive back into the deep for security.
Secrets of Lake Fishing – John Hey shares many good Lake Fishing Tips

Lake Fishing for Trout Apart from warm nights when I go after work to fish.

John Hey takes up the challenge of fly fishing on larger rivers

Fly Fishing Big Canterbury Rivers By late summer most small rivers and streams are well.