A big brown trout taken on spin fishing tackle.
Spinning for Trout with Lures, Soft Baits, Flies and Bubble Floats

Spinning for Trout with Lures, Softbaits and Bubble Floats By Allan Burgess For the novice.

Opening of the high country fishing season at the Coleridge lakes. Angler Andrew Wells tries to tempt one of about a dozen rainbow trout that were swimming close to the shore on Lake Georgina. Photo: Richard Cosgrove/Fish & Game NZ.
November is the month for anglers to explore!

Fish and Game NZ Opening of several backcountry and high-country waterways in the South Island .

Evolution of fly fishing.
Evolution of Fly Fishing

Evolution of Fly Fishing – An interesting look back in time By Monty Wright The.

Andy T with an 11 pound spotted beauty taken on a #14 Speckled Nymph. Photo by Randall Wood.
Pool Sharing – A Tale of Two Fishes

By Paul Corliss ”No”! he said emphatically. ”It’s my pool and I’ll get to it.

Opening Day 2021/22. Photo: Richard Cosgrove/Fish & Game NZ.
Opening Day Anglers hit the water in numbers for 2020/2021 Season

Thousands of Opening Day anglers across the country headed out before dawn this morning to.

The author with a brownie from the Selwyn River. Trout Bait Fishing Secrets.
Trout Bait Fishing Secrets – Confessions of a Bait Angler

By Piscator Not without a certain amount of soul searching, liberally mixed with fear and.

I wonder how many of the huge trout caught and released in the Twizel Canals survive the ordeal and go on to spawn the next generation. Photograph courtesy of Lance Gill and Fish The Drift NZ.
Catch and Release or Catch and Kill – By Dick Marquand

“A good game fish is too valuable to be caught only once.” Lee Wulff Advice.

Top row: Hope's Dark, Hope's Silvery. 2nd row: Mrs Simpson, Grey Ghost, 3rd row: Red Shadow, Hart's Creek. 4th row: Yellow Rabbit, Brunton No.1. Night Fishing with Lures.
Night Fishing with Lures – Hart’s Creek, L2, Halswell and Selwyn Rivers

Night Fishing with Lures – “Old School” – Fewer and fewer anglers lip-hook a live.

Northern end of the Hurunui River lagoon during the salmon season.
Hurunui River Salmon and Trout Fishing – Photographs and 2018 Update

Hurunui River Trout and Salmon Fishing Video The Hurunui River is one of the best.

A younger looking Tony Entwistle (right), with client John Hewitt from the United States of America, holding for the camera one of four 10lb plus trout caught and released in a single afternoon in the Nelson region. Hiring a trout fishing guide. Now retired, Tony is a Life Member and former President of the NZPFGA.
Hiring a Trout Fishing Guide – Why Hiring a Guide is a Good Idea

Hiring a Trout Fishing Guide By Allan Burgess Our fishing guides are doing it tuff.