A good size eating snapper taken on surfcasting tackle in the inner Marlborough Sounds. The state of the tide, time of day, and time of year all play an important part when it comes to successful snapper fishing from shore.
Snapper Fishing – Time and Tide Count When Shore Fishing

Snapper Fishing – Time and tide count quite a bit when shore fishing/surfcasting for snapper.

Snapper from Ninety Mile Beach, Northland.
Ninety Mile Beach Surfcasting Classic by DJ Moresby – Tips and Techniques

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Malcolm Bell from The Complete Angler in Christchurch caught this cool elephant fish surfcasting at Birdlings Flat December 2016.
Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit – steep shelving shingle beach

Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit In my younger days I spent many an afternoon.

Sevengill at Taylors Mistake, Black Rock.
Black Rock, Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsula – Sevengill Shark

Black Rock, Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsula Looking for somewhere to go fishing during the holidays?.

Mokihinui Gentle Annie Beach
Mokihinui Gentle Annie Beach – Productive Surfcasting for Snapper

Mokihinui Gentle Annie Beach – Westland Mokihinui Gentle Annie Beach You can catch snapper, kahawai,.

Allan Burgess with kahawai taken on spinning gear after jumping out of the car after a school of kahawai while driving along the Kekerengu Coast, north of Kaikoura.
Kaikoura Coast Surfcasting – rig, sevengill, moki, kahawai

Kaikoura Coast Surfcasting There are many miles of excellent surfcasting beaches along the Kaikoura Coast.

The author at Birdlings Flat, near Christchurch, about to make the first few tentative casts with the Kilwell 9 oz blank. The guides on the surfcasting rod are all held in place with insulation tape. Featured Image.
Building A Mega Surfcasting Rod for Heavier Weights – Initial Testing

This Mega Surfcasting Rod is Designed for Casting Heavy Sinkers Part 1 – Surfcasting Rod.

Southern Mega Surf Beast surfcasting rod.
Building A Mega Surfcasting Rod Part 2 – Assembly – Fishing Video

Building the Southern Mega Surf Beast Surfcasting Rod Here is a video of the Southern.

Sting-ray Nape Nape Beach.
Nape Nape Beach Surfcasting – Gurnard, blue moki, elephant fish

Nape Nape Beach Surfcasting Nape Nape Beach surfcasting location in North Canterbury. From Christchurch to.

Photograph: Surfcasters waiting for the sandbar behind these breakers to come up with the falling tide. Photo: DJ Moresby.
Fishing the Ninety Mile Beach Five Day Surfcasting Contest by DJ Moresby

This testing surfcasting Competition requires skill, knowledge and fitness to be successful! by Denis Moresby In.