A pleasant surprise hauling this 19.7lb salmon to the bank. Lumo Savage Gear softys and Cleardrift eggs are at the top of the menu for these monsters.
Egg Rolling/Drift Fishing Method in the Mackenzie Country Canals

Egg Rolling or Drift Fishing in the Mackenzie Country Canals When you consider that a.

Releasing a big rainbow at one of the Twizel Canals.
Twizel Canals Fishing Tips – Ohau, Pukaki and Tekapo Canals, Maps Video

Twizel Canals Fishing Tips – Plus 35lb rainbow video Here are some Twizel Canals Fishing.

A magnificient 27.5lb rainbow jack in spawning colours from the Tekapo Canal. Photograph courtesy of Roland Brunner. Twizel Canals.
Twizel Canals – Should they be catch and release only?

by Allan Burgess One of the controversies that surround fishing in the Twizel Canals relates.

Bikini trout weighing 14.4 pounds landed at the confluence of the Pukaki and Ohau Canals.
Bikini Trout Twizel Canals Fishing Story

by Roland Brunner and Nantyia Boontong Determined anglers Nantiya and partner Roland have been travelling.

Chris Anchor about to release a rainbow trout in the Ohau A Canal.
Landing and Releasing Big Trout in the Canals Video – Don’t Panic Stay Calm

Landing and Releasing Big Trout in the Canals Video   Having spent some time down.

Big rainbow trout from the Twizel Canals taken on a dressed jig.
Dressed Jigs for Monster Trout and Salmon in the Twizel Canals – Video

Dressed Jigs – How to Tie Your Own by Allan Burgess Video: Tying Dressed Jigs.

Big rainbow trout about to be released in Ohau A Canal.
Mackenzie Country Canals Fishing Tips – How to Fish the Canals – Video

Tips for Fishing the Mackenzie Country Canals by Allan Burgess This is a video of.

Mackenzie Country Canals Mid-Winter Fishing. Big rainbow trout weighed and released in the Ohau A canal.
Mackenzie Country Canals Mid-Winter – Angler Etiquette – Photo Gallery

Mackenzie Country Canals Mid-Winter Fishing – Angler Etiquette Mackenzie Country Canals Mid-Winter Fishing. I recently.

The Complete Guide to Fishing the Twizel Canals ebook
The Complete Guide to Fishing the Twizel Canals by Allan Burgess

The Complete Guide to Fishing the Twizel Canals E-book Published January 2018 ISBN 978-0-9582933-8-9. Published by.

Fish recovery operation being conducted in the Tekapo Canal .
Study Shows the Twizel Canals Fishery More Self-Sustaining than First Thought

Twizel Canals Fishery in Good Nick! by Allan Burgess A recent study of fish life,.