Opihi River salmon.
Opihi River, Trout and Salmon Fishing – South Canterbury

Opihi River – Dry Fly Fishing for Trout and Sometimes Good Salmon Fishing at the.

Ashburton River Mouth.
Ashburton River Trout and Salmon Fishing

Ashburton River I once talked about salmon fishing in the Ashburton River with an older.

Sliding a big salmon up the shingle beach by the tail at the Rangitata River mouth.
Rangitata River – Trout and Salmon Fishing

Rangitata River Salmon Fishing Many anglers regard the Rangitata River as the best salmon fishing.

Awesome markings on this 3 lb rainbow trout from Lake Camp. Photo: Baitman. Lake Clearwater and Lake Camp.
Lake Clearwater and Lake Camp – Ashburton Lakes

Lakes Clearwater and Camp These trout fishing lakes are located in the upper reaches of.

Nelson Bolstead, the weigh-master for the Waitaki Salmon Fishing Contest, checks the stomach cavity of a big salmon during the 1996 event while many other contestants and interested onlookers watch proceedings. Mr Bolstead is a scientist with NIWA and an expert on the life cycle of this species. The years 1996 and 1997 were very good for salmon angling in the Waitaki River. There were plenty of salmon caught by anglers and many of the fish caught weighed in excess of 30 pounds. The 1999/2000 season was a very poor one with most of the few fish that did return from sea being in poor condition. Their thin bodies often being refered to by salmon anglers as "slabs" or "slabby."
Waitaki River fishing competition held in 1884

Waitaki River Fishing Competition The first recorded fishing competition on the Waitaki river was organised.

Salmon on in the surf at the mouth of the Waitaki River.
Waitaki River Salmon Angling – Hydro schemes control river flow

Waitaki River Salmon The Waitaki River straddles the boundary between North Otago and South Canterbury..

Fishing at the Benmore Salmon Farm near Twizel.
Ohau Canal in the MacKenzie Country – Salmon Fish Farm Gages – Video

Ohau Canal – Salmon Fish Farm Gages One of my favourite fishing areas is the.

Lake Emily
Lake Emily – Ashburton Lakes, Canterbury high country trout fishing

Lake Emily Trout Fishing Contains Fontinalis (brook trout) Turn right off the Hakatere Heron Road.

John Cullinane featured
Tekapo Canal Fishing Tale by John Cullinane

Tekapo Canal Fishing Tale Sometimes you wonder why you fish. Especially when you are not.