Amberley Beach featured
Amberley Beach Surfcasting Contest – Often won by a Skate

Amberley Beach Surfcasting Competition by Allan Burgess Amberley Beach is situated 40 km north of.

Barracouta – Surfcasting for barracouta with live baits at Birdlings Flat

Barracouta Surfcasting by Allan Burgess Jim wound line onto his Alvey, applied gentle pressure to.

Double Corner, Amberley Beach, North Canterbury. I have watched as numerous trailer boats have been launched from this spot. There are paua and crayfish caught out from the rocks.
Amberley Beach Surfcasting

Amberley Beach Surfcasting After two full days spent fishing we had caught only one small.

Amberley Beach Lions Surfcasting Competition 2016
Amberley Beach Lions Surfcasting Competition postponed until Sunday 5th Feb

Amberley Beach Lions Surfcasting Competition held Sunday 5th of February After talking to our weather man, experienced.