Canterbury Rivers

Canterbury River Fishing Destinations. The destinations included in this category are rivers of the North Canterbury Fish and Game Region. Canterbury rivers also contain bullies, mullet (in their tidal reaches), and eels. Some also have course fish like rudd and carp. Kahawai, particularly juveniles, will also enter rivers sometimes travelling several kilometres upstream to the extent of tidal influence.

Orari River Trout and Salmon Fishing – South Canterbury

Orari River - Salmon, Brown Trout, Surfcasting and whitebaiting A few salmon are still landed from the surf during the…


Hurunui River Salmon and Trout Fishing – Photographs and 2018 Update

Hurunui River Trout and Salmon Fishing Video The Hurunui River is one of the best salmon rivers in New Zealand…


Trout Fishing Near Christchurch, Ellesmere, Cam, Kaiapoi, Heathcote

Trout Fishing Near Christchurch City I'm often asked the question, "Where is a good place to catch a trout close…


Jet Boat Canterbury Rivers – Purist and Petrol Head – Graeme Kennerley

Jet Boating Canterbury Rivers - Purist and Petrol Head - Fly Fishing and Jet Boating? by Graeme Kennerley At first…


Tups Indispensable and Fly Fishing Small Streams Around Canterbury

Tups Indispensable and Small Streams Around Canterbury with John Hey A number of small streams flow around Canterbury and while…


Rakaia River Mouth a Top Spot for Sea-Run Trout Fishing

Rakaia River Mouth Sea-Run Trout Fishing Some years the Rakaia River can experience unusually low flows over summer. During October and…


Salmon Fishing in the Pouring Rain – Early Morning – Rakaia River Gut

Salmon Fishing in the Pouring Rain with Charles Smith It was a rainy miserable morning for salmon fishing - but…


Rakaia River Salmon Fishing Contest Photographs

Rakaia River Salmon Contests Photographs 2003-2010 Photographs Allan Burgess A second gallery will be posted on this page soon! The…


Rakaia River Salmon Fishing Tips, Access, 71 photos, maps, video

Rakaia River Salmon Fishing - Latest pics and Videos Rakaia River salmon fishing is highly regarded. Many believe the Rakaia…


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