Johnny Richards with a big sea-run brown trout caught at the Rakaia River mouth.
Rakaia River Mouth a Top Spot for Sea-Run Trout Fishing

Rakaia River Mouth Sea-Run Trout Fishing Some years the Rakaia River can experience unusually low flows.

Our combined morning's catch. Not bad at all considering the horrible rain and wind.
Salmon Fishing in the Pouring Rain – Early Morning – Rakaia River Gut

Salmon Fishing in the Pouring Rain with Charles Smith It was a rainy miserable morning.

A quad bike returning to South Rakaia Huts. I estimate that it will take at least one hour to walk from South Rakaia Huts along the length of the lagoon to the river mouth itself.
Rakaia Lagoon – stretches lake-like for 5km into the distance – trout and salmon fishing

Rakaia Lagoon February 2012

Morris Clark sits atop his prizes; a brand new Kawasaki 300cc quad bike. Rakaia Salmon Fishing Contest.
Rakaia River Salmon Fishing Contest Photographs

Rakaia River Salmon Contests Photographs 2003-2010 Photographs Allan Burgess A second gallery will be posted.

man holding bright silver salmon caught in the Rakaia River Gut in 2015.
Rakaia River Salmon Fishing Tips, Access, 71 photos, maps, video

Rakaia River Salmon Fishing – Latest pics and Videos Provided the sea and river are.

Dave's salmon was in great condition, Its good to see the salmon in better condition this season.
More Salmon Fishing Pictures from the 2017-2018 Season

More Salmon Fishing Pics from the 2017-18 Season With Charles Smith          .

Glenariffe Salmon Research Station
Looking Back at the Old Glenariffe Salmon Research Station – Upper Rakaia River

Looking Back at the Old Glenariffe Salmon Research Station by Nelson Boustead The Glenariffe Stream.

A super weekend's fishing. March 1955.
50 Years of Salmon Fishing by Clive Morriss – bamboo rods, bakelite reels

50 Years of Salmon Fishing By Clive Morriss After 50 years of salmon fishing, the.