With no beach at the Picket Fence you had to stand in the water to fish!
Lake Coleridge Opening Weekend 2008

Lake Coleridge Opening Weekend 2008 with Allan Burgess With the water level of Lake Coleridge.

Many anglers will be unaware that a new camping ground has been created at the head of Lake Coleridge. Here it is. The new TrustPower Freedom Camping Area viewed from the road. There has obviously been quite a bit of money spent on leveling the ground, piling up the banks, installing water, and building the fence.
Lake Coleridge Freedom Camping Area – Harper River – TrustPower

Lake Coleridge Harper River Freedom Camping Area Key Points about the Harper River Camping Area.

Carey Prior with his second only trout caught on a fly - a woppa 6kg (13lbs).
Ellesmere, Lake – Night Fishing Lake Ellesmere River Tributaries

Night Fishing the Rivers Flowing into Canterbury’s Lake Ellesmere with Keith Chin For me night.

View of the cutting to allow the level of Lake Forsyth to drain into the sea. Picture taken from the baches at Birdlings Flat after three bulldozers had done their job. The cutting only remains open for a few days depending on sea conditions. During this time fresh searun trout enter the lake.
Lake Forsyth, Canterbury low land lake 50 kms from Christchurch

Lake Forsyth Contains brown trout and perch Situated about an hour’s drive from central Christchurch,.

Lake Evelyn skirts the northern side of the Harper Road just to the south of Lake Selfe. It doesn't look particularly inviting but offers rewarding fishing for those anglers who accept the challenge.
Lake Evelyn Trout Spinning and Fly Fishing – Canterbury High Country

Lake Evelyn Lake Evelyn skirts the Harper Road to the right heading north just past.

View looking north east towards Lake Lilian taken from the position marked with the red spot on the Harper Road on the map above. You must first cross the Harper River before following the 4x4 track to the left of picture. From the point where the picture was taken to the lake is a distance of approximately 9 km.
Lake Lilian Trout Fishing – on Glenthorne Station – Canterbury High Country

Lake Lilian Trout Fishing Lake Lilian is regarded as a good fly fishing water. A.

Pearson Lakes: Sarah, Grasmere, Pearson, Hawdon, Marymere and Lyndon
Pearson Lakes: Sarah, Grasmere, Pearson, Hawdon, and Marymere, Canterbury high country

Pearson Group Lakes Map The Pearson Group of fishing lakes fill with water drained from.

Lake Hawdon and Lake Marymere. One square equals 1km. Sourced from LINZ. Crown Copyright Reserved.
Lake Hawdon and Lake Marymere – Canterbury

Lake Hawdon Continue heading south-east from Cass along the shingle Graigieburn Road. The track to.

Lake Sarah and lake Grasmere. One square equals 1km. Sourced from LINZ. Crown Copyright Reserved.
Lake Sarah and Lake Grasmere Trout Fishing – Canterbury high country

Lake Sarah and Lake Grasmere This the first trout fishing lake 2km along the Craigieburn.

Mark Ho with a big sea-run brown trout from the Selwyn River.
Selwyn River Brown Trout Fishing – popular also for night fishing

Selwyn River Brown Trout Fishing George Ferris once described the Selwyn, in its hey-day, as.